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King Kesariya Saffron-kesar

King Kesariya is a tried and tested brand of premium saffron, unrivalled in quality in the market today. Saffron is native to Bharat as an ancient remedy, with a multitude of health benefits. This magical ingredient has been traditionally called ZAFFRON, ALZAFFRON, KESAR, KESHER, KUMKUM, KESHRSHRI, KONG etc. depending on the local language where it was grown and consumed. King Kesariya, has scaled the heights of the Saffron Trade in a short time, becoming one of the more familiar names when it comes to unsurpassed quality and purity. The entrepreneurs of 'King Kesariya’ brand and business are from the new crop of vibrant ‘Modern Indian Businessmen’ with the zest for making Saffron an indispensible necessity of every Indian household, given its medicinal and culinary uses. Care is taken to ensure that the quality of Saffron supplied under the seal of King Kesariya is uncompromised, right from the plugging stage of the raw Kesar from reap flowers in farming fields in the Kashmir valley, to the careful segregation and clean packaging for ready distribution to a whole range of retail outlets and stores.

It is well established that it is impossible in Indian and overseas markets, to find any other brand of kesar to rival the quality of ‘King Kesariya’ at the subsidised prices that we offer. The objective with which our prices have been maintained at such modest levels is as our goal states, to make kesar accessible to the common man, since kesar has been used regularly in Indian kitchens over the centuries.

Saffron (Kesar) Varities of King Kesariya Saffron
Diamon Saffron Mongra Saffron Guchhi Saffron Lacha Saffron
Naval-1(Diamond) Naval-2(Mongra) Naval-3(Guchhi) Naval-4(Lacha)
Who we are:
Yellow Rose

We are not a mere profit enterprise in the saffron market. We are group of traditional, generations old farmers from Kashmir (North-End of India) who cherish their traditional process of Saffron farming and feel satisfied in producing nothing but the best quality of saffron, which we intend to make a common man’s product, by selling it at subsidised rates, due to the fact that we grow it on our own farms. This facilitates the advantage of eliminating the middle-man-commission. This also ensures 0% adultration by distributers. We follow the marketing theory behind ‘Farmers’ Markets’, wherein the product can reach the consumer direct from the farmers. This is the secret behind the subsidised cost of our !00% pure product.

New customers can order ‘sample pack’ at our super-saver price to try out the superior quality of ‘King Kesariya’. We cater to individuals, small and large organizations, retail outlets and corporate food chains, shopping centres, etc.

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"King Kesariya provides very good quality saffron. I have bought saffron from them for my wife during pregnancy and the results are very good for both Mother and Kid."
--Mr.Gaurav Chauhan, MD, Exergy Solutions, New Delhi

" I have been a big fan of saffron and have been consuming since college days but honestly the kind of quality Kingkesariya is unmatched. 5 stars to them."
--Rohit Sharma, Product Manager, Times of India, Gurgaon

" We purchased saffron from kingkesariya last month. I have been using it since then in sandal and multani face pack, My skin has grown fairer and healthier. I have used other brands also earlier but I found it more effective."
--Mrs.Khushbu Sethiya, Chartered Accountant, Indore
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